Quarts de Chaume

Last night, while Phil was down with the sickness,I went out into the World – aka the French Quarter.

Saturday night on Bourbon Street with lights glashing (flashing and glaring, together), sorority girls flouncing down the street and bouncers hollering at everyone to come into Their club. I didn’t want to be part of it, I was flying solo. So veered into Jackson Square and ducked into Muriels on the edge of the Plaza.

Up at the bar I watched the Laker game with a pilot. The pilot was from Orlando and once he heard about this project, he just kept musing about his own lost youth and his own need for adventure. He began recounting his own road trip stories and told me about a road trip he was planning on taking with his young son, from Minnesota to New Orleans.

While we chatted I sampled some wine from the Loire Valley (France). A ten year aged Chenin Blanc called (2002) Quarts de Chaume $65.

The nose: Sweet –>Lilacs & Strawberries
The Mouth: Smooth, Thick, Honey, Gorgeous & Yummy

I loved the wine, Muriel’s and the pilot and his stories. So thankful for this amazing adventure.

And what road trips have you always dreamed of taking?

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