About The Project

Sip Snap Savor

“… a recipe is a map that gives directions to a taste destination; along the way, it tells the story of a place or time. ”


What is Sip.Snap.Savor?

Culinary road trippin’ amongst America’s families, from East to West, North to South.

Sip.Snap.Savor is a road trip project designed to photograph and capture regular people, in their homes preparing and enjoying life’s simplest of pleasures.


Team Sip.Snap.Savor works hard to collect, sample, test and preserve as many everyday American recipes as possible from every neighborhood in every state.  We book dinners (and sometimes lunches and brunches) with strangers and watch them cook. We photograph their culinary process. We record their thoughts and recipes. Then, like one big family, we sit down to a home cooked meal.

After every meal, recipes are tested and posted on our website.


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