crepes & tacos underground dinner

“Taco-ification available upon request” – Hunter Daniel

Crepes & Tacos is an underground, backyard dinner party that started about a month ago in the green common space behind Hassan, Aymeric and Hunter’s house. The fellas strive to keep the price point at under $10 per person which is a great deal considering you get dinner (tacos) and dessert (crepes).

“This was Hunter’s idea to start up this dinner thing.” – Hassan Allen

Hunter, whom I met at one of the Nola Treehouses, is originally from Memphis and is the taco brains behind the operation.
Aymeric, from Lille, France (but in the U.S. the last 8 years) is the crepe master.
Hassan, is the Southern Cookin’ go-to-guy. Originally from Compton, Hassan came to NOLA 6 years ago.

“I’m known for Tacos. Tacos are very easy to make. You don’t have to have alot of kitchenware. I’ve been eating them exclusively for about a month. But I’ve slowly added in burritos and crepes. So. You know I’m kinda leaving behind the corn tortilla.” – Hunter

Because this particular backyard dinner menu was a blend of Southern (Gumbo, Greens, Dirty Rice, Sweet Potato Pie) and French (two sweet crepes) and the crowded kitchen was going to be difficult to maneuver around in (not to mention hot and sweaty). Most people were cooking up their pieces of the meal the day before.
The beets were put on an outdoor grill. Aymeric’s apples and pears were carmelizing in skillet alongside Hassan’s greens and sweet potatoes.

Later when the food was done cooking, they would turn their attention to the great backyard. A band would be setting up to amuse the guests (and eat for free). There were lights to be strung, candles to be lit and pathways to be cleared between the communal restroom, the backyard accessible kitchen and the patio tables set up.

“In France they say a good crepe will stick to the ceiling.” -Emelie, Aymeric’s friend
Stick a wine cork on the end of a fork, dip it in butter and use that homemade utensil to butter your pan before each crepe.

In my 12 days in New Orleans I was invited to 4 backyard underground dinner parties. I was only able to attend two of them. But they seem to be on the rise and very, very hip. If you want to attend Crepes & Tacos, I suggest you sneak over to 1040 Montegut Street on a Tuesday Evening.

Aymeric’s Crepes
“These are crepes by feeling.” – Aymeric

500 grams of flour
1 liter of milk
3 eggs
3 sips of beer

Blend thoroughly in a blender or whisk by hand. Ladle into a hot skillet and cook each side like you would a pancake.
The first one will rarely turn out well, so do not be discouraged.

Filling Ingredients:
2 yellow/reddish apples and an asian pear, peeled and cubed
A few Tbslp of White Sugar
1-2 Tblsp of Sesame Seeds
1 Tblsp of Brown Sugar

1. In an iron skillet on medium heat, heat apples and pear in a few pats of butter and the tablspoons of white sugar.

2. Allow to carmelize and grow soft (6-8 minutes), reduce heat.

3. Meanwhile, toast sesame seeds in a separate smaller pan.

4. Add seeds to apple mixture, along with the brown sugar and allow to slowly heat through and through (8-10 minutes).

5. Spoon into Crepe

As always, Thank You to the Sip Snap Savor wine sponsor, Murphy-Goode.

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