Day in The Life . . .

Jamie and I are gearing up to hit the road this Summer. We’ll be traveling from The Great Lakes to The Big Easy over the course of 4 weeks and hope to dine with as many strangers as possible.

As we begin all our preparations to be on our Culinary Road Trippin’ adventure, we’d like to take a moment and reflect back on all the good times. The swell times. The sit-in-the-car-so-long-you-get-stir-crazy times. The tired times. The exciting times. The times where you wish had a clean pair of socks and a teddy bear. The times where you walk into a bar packed with military men during happy hour.

One thought on “Day in The Life . . .

  1. Melissa–This is awesome! I can’t wait to follow your adventure and then see the book! You get after it, girl.

    Be safe,

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