Burlesque Dinner – Fried Rice

“Fried Rice is totally a recession food. HAHAHA. Ham Flied Lice. Joo Won Sum Fried Rice.” – Jen Ford

Imagine a 5 foot 6 inch brunette, dressed head to toe in leopard, charging into a kitchen at full speed. Whipping around so fast it was nearly impossible to capture her on film. What wasn’t tough at all? Eating. The hang over food to cure all hang overs, ills or walks of shame: homemade fried rice.

You can essentially take leftovers from your fridge and dice, dice, dice them into a hot wok. Toss everything together, crack a few eggs, give that wok a little hand stir action. Soon, friends, you will have a crazy easy, crazy delicious dinner entree.

“Eat like your life depends on it!” – Jen Ford

Ingrediants: steamed jasmine rice (1lb), diced ham (1/2 lb), green onion (1 bunch, chopped), 1 stick butter, garlic (2 chopped tbsp), 6 eggs, peas (1 cup, thawed if frozen), soy sauce to taste

Instructions: Warm butter in wok or large pan. Add garlic, green onions and ham. Saute until warmed throughout (2-4 minutes). Add rice and soy sauce. Cook until hot. Crack the eggs directly into the wok or pan. Stir until eggs are dry and distributed throughout the rice mixture. Add peas to taste and serve.

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