(I heart Cody) Team Lexington – San Francisco

“I’m burning Bok Choy, apparantly,”
said Cody Giannotti as he posed for a photo wearing bunny ears with two leopard clad women.

Giannotti is the coach for the San Francisco Burlesque/Theatre troupe Team Lexington. They started out several years ago as a gaggle of friends who occasionally scored gigs.

“Hey, Dude, I got a music gig. Anyone want to dance in the background?”

(Giannotti with his Nonna’s cookbook)

On August 6th, 2007 at Mr. Smiths on 6th Street they performed Squibbina’s Last Stand which netted them the notoriety they needed to be taken seriously. The show starred Christina Lowry in a mermaid costume she’d made herself, the costume allowed her strip off her scales and show the bleeding, beating deep red of a mermaid’s insides.

As of late, Team Lexington, dreamed together a spy musical written by Lee Goldin. It’s their second full length feature they’ve produced. They also are experimenting with Burlesque Opera. In between all the performing – there are the photo shoots.

Which Giannotti describes as clean, organized, quick and marketable. This particular Sip Snap Savor dinner was really just one, elaborate theatrical photo shoot with food and knives for props.

That said, Giannotti can really cook. Really. He was a maestro: a jovial, unflappable director on all the stages and in the kitchen. He braised vegetables, directed the creation of an apple pie and made an upside down, inside out shepherd’s pie.

Stay tuned all this week for recipes from our Burlesque photo shoot.
To book Team Lexington, contact Team Coach Cody Giannotti.

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