Smoked Sailfish

Ted Dasher is many generations deep in South Florida. He comes from a legendary wrecking family and fishing family. He basically IS South Florida.

“Bloodier fish make for a drier smoked fish, so you smoke’em less. Sailfish and Tuna are pretty damn dry. Permit and Amber Jack are not as bloody so they’re moister.” – Ted Dasher

His guide to smoking is a book from the early 70’s. If you’d like to scoop up a copy of the book “How To Smoke Seafood, Florida Cracker Style” by Ted Dahlem, you can buy one here.

Build your brine (this recipe was told to me aboard a fishing boat) and I recorded it many hours later. When I went to confirm the exact recipe some of the ingrediants and amounts changed. So that tells you that you can get VERY creative with your brine. Play and have fun. South Florida style.

Brine: 1 Big Bottle Lousiana Hot Sauce, Whole Bottle Liquid Smoke, Cup of Bronw Sugar, Cup Kosher Salt, 6-Pepper Blend (6 shakes), 1 bottle Worcestshire Sauce, 1/2 Gallon Orange Juice (fresh squeezed), Cup or so of Lime Juice and enough Water to cover all the fish.

For 2 hours at 225 degrees in an electric smoker. Ted uses the Cookshack Smokette MO 025 ($600)

One thought on “Smoked Sailfish

  1. I love his smoked fish. I have some in my freezer I may need to take out and thaw this weekend.

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