The "It’s ALL about the FISH" Veach Family – Key West, FL

Chippy is consistently voted Best Fishing Captain year after year in Key West, Florida. His two brothers Ryan and Tyson make up the other parts of the super successful Super Grouper fishing squad. These boys aren’t messing around.

It may be ALL about the fish, but at this dinner it was all about Chippy’s two daughters and his extra special Conch Ceviche. The real stars of the show.

What pairs well with Conch Ceviche? Spanish sparkling wine, Cava and the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life. Et voila!

Mama Veach (above) is a hero in her family and in my book for these pesto palmiere she made before dinner started. They worked really well to cure the grumbles from everyone’s tummies. Most of us had been out fishing all day that day … from 6AM until late afternoon. And after awhile, beer just doesn’t fill you up anymore.

The yellowtail snapper we’d caught that day had been marinating in lemon, green onions, white wine and salt & pepper for the better part of an hour. It would be lightly baked and served piping hot alongside fettucine and salad. Simple and Delicious.

Shadow the African Gray Parrot snacked on smoked fish, alongside everyone else. Baked fish, grilled fish, smoked fish, fish dip, breakfast fish burritos. It’s ALL about the fish down in Key West.

For dessert we had a southern sweet. Nacho Mama’s Banana Cream Pud’n. Something without fish in it? Really? For real? No! Yes, yes, yes !!

Chippy’s Conch Ceviche
1. Chop enough conch fillets to make about 6cups of diced conch. Put in a bowl. Add in 1 cup diced white onion, 2 TBLSP lime juice, lemon juice and orange juice.

2. Enjoy!

(Do not add salt to this “ceviche” as it makes the conch taste too tangy. This is a very fresh, local treat)

Mama Veach’s Pesto Palmiere’s
1. Take a roll of puff pastry and unfurl it on a counter top. Cover it with homemade pesto (ground pinenuts, basil and evoo).

2. Roll the puff pastry into two different directions.

3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Meanwhile cut the “infinity” shaped puff pastry into 1/4″-1/2″ slices. Arrange on cookie sheet.

4. Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. Remember the puff pastry will double in size.

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