You gotta fight. For your right. To PAAAASTAAA!

Lauren Danziger is a trained chef who discovered she had Celiac Disease some years ago. She was despairing about life being over (No More Pasta!) when she decided to put her chef skills to the test. She wanted to create all her favorite foods so life could be colorful and hearty once more. 
“Oh man! When I found out I couldn’t have pasta anymore I got seriously depressed!” -Lauren
Thankfully, Lauren has figured out the secrets to beautifully crafted pasta sauces and gluten free brown rice pastas. So really, the world is right again. 

Lauren's Heavenly Pasta Sauce with Brown Rice Gluten Free Pasta
1 lb beef 
1 lb veal or pork 
1/2 bottle red wine (syrah, cabernet) 
1/3 cup toasted pine nuts 
1/4 cup dried currants 
1 small can tomato paste 
1/2 can whole tomatoes, chopped (optional)
 1/2 tsp oregano 
1/2 tsp, chiffanade, basil salt and pepper, to taste  
Salt and pepper the meat well.  
Brown the meat in a pan. Deglaze with red wine.  Add the tomato paste and stir. 
 In another pan, toast the pine nuts and set aside.  Add more wine as the meat
 cooks, along with the currants and pine nuts.  Keep adding wine till the meat
 is cooked and had a purple tint. Add the seasoning, cook for a nother minute
 or two, and serve over pasta.

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