Green Star: Making Sorbet With David Turley

“I love guilt-free treats. To spice things up you can add nuts or mint. Mmm. My favorite kinds of sorbet are sweet fruits like mango, pineapple or banana. Mango and Banana make the sorbet extra creamy. Oh just play with your food, already!”

-David Turley

Green Star: Now You Can Juice Almost All Your Greens
Dark Green juices are essential for health. Unlike current popular juicers, Green Power is designed to extract green juices. In fact, it produces high volumes of green juice with tremendous ease. It juices continuously without plugging up, and the the pulp comes out dry. With its unique Twin Gear press, Green Power is able to get juice from almost all leafy greens, herbs, fibrous plants and grasses, sprouts, and tough/ stringy vegetables. Green Power handles virtually every vegetable imaginable.

For about $500 you can have your own juicer. Or in this case, Sorbet Maker. Our beloved friend David Turley has cast aside the traditional use
(leafy, green juices) of the twin engine Green Star Juicer and started making his own fresh, delicious fruit sorbet.

There isn’t anything funnier than a 6 foot 3 inch man who comes striding into a room, dominates the space with his good looks and multiple bags of organic frozen fruit and clanks an expensive juicer onto the counter. Then proceeds to school everyone on the health benefits of fruit.

If you take a chance and try something new, you just may discover a delicious result.

Warning: It isn’t as gutless and easy to make fresh fruit sorbet as you may think. The weak and flappable need not apply themselves to this task.

Fresh Fruit Sorbet

1bag of frozen fruit (your most favorite). We used Mango, Pineapple, Blueberry and Strawberry.

Apply it in batches to the open sieve top of the juicer. Using a paddle, gently press and guide the fruit through the juicer.

Long streams of sorbet will start to stream out of the juicer, much like a sausage. It looks like a fruit sausage, actually. But tastes light, acidic and juicy.


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