Hoyt’s Monkey Ice Cream – Gainseville, FL

Sometimes on a road trip, you get behind schedule. And sometimes you are so far behind the schedule that you can’t even see the schedule anymore. So when we were gearing up to leave Gainesville and little Hoyt asked us to stay a bit longer so he could make us morning ice cream, I kind of freaked out.

But man, I am SO glad we stayed. This is the best dessert. SO fresh and creamy and delicious. A perfect treat anytime of day or night. Harried & frenzied or perfectly calm – Monkey Ice Cream will render you childlike and happy.

Go for it.

Mmm, Delicious!
Thank you Hoyt, for sharing and caring enough to make this yummy treat for us.

Hoyt’s Monkey Ice Cream
3 Frozen Banana’s (Momma Jen buys banana’s at the supermarket that are going brown, in order to “save” them from being discarded. Once frozen these ripe banana’s will taste supremely delicious in the ice cream)
1/2 C. Raw Milk

Process the two together until smooth.

Pulse in small handfuls (Hoyt sized handfuls) of cacao nibs and crispy nuts.


Crispy Nuts
1. Soak nuts for about 8 hours in salty water. Walnuts or pecans work well.
2. Drain water and pat dry. (Momma Jen advises that tannins from the nuts will stain, so she keeps a special towel for drying the nuts).
3. Arrange in single layer on cookie sheet
4. Dry nuts in warm oven until crisp
5. Store in airtight container (mason jars) in the refrigerator.

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