Chez Poulet – San Francisco, CA

Poulet Kitchen: Cesar Chavez Blvd, San Francisco CA
When you walk down Cesar Chavez Blvd in San Francisco, there are day laborers everywhere. Ironically, enough. There are also new dining hot spots, old time taquerias and colorful murals. An elementary school around the corner from the Grande Dame’s house, Chicken John’s Casa. An edifice that houses 7 people, a rooftop hangout area, a musical space resplendant with stage, church pews, many bicycles, theatre practice space and a large kitchen leading to a nice, grassy knoll.

This Sip.Snap.Savor took place almost entirely in the kitchen, except for a short visit with Sometime SF Mayoral Candidate, Chicken John, himself, in the foyer. He was welding and “re-purposing” a shelving unit for inside the house.

Our hosts, Matt & Rick led a tutoral on basic charcuterie (meat curing) for what started out as 20 people and morphed into at least 45 people by the time we’d left. For a $3 community donation, each person was able to use the bacon curing station and the 4 sausage making stations. Each person brought their own meats and items and waited patiently for “class” to start, with beers and wine.

When everyone was done slicing their meats, trimming fat, concocting marinades, rubs and cures, grinding their ingrediants and sluicing them into sausages — they stored their ziplocks full of meat in the fridge (adorned with Salin Palin art). Everyone was quick to schlep their meat from ice buckets to ziplocks in the fridge to avoid bacteria growth and contamination.

Then the good times started, with bacon samples and beers being handed out across the room, hand over fist. Neighborly-like.

(anonymous vegan keepin’ it real)

Stay tuned for tales of sausage making and bacon curing and a complete step-by-step guide on how to re-create this experience in your own home.

**pictures by Le Meems. Jamie G. was giving a speech (clap clap clap)!!

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