Where in the World is Jamie?

I´ve been in Guatemala for one week now. I´m at Lake Atitlan and it´s the
most beautiful place! Imagine Lake Tahoe meets Hawaii. WOW! We went to
the lake at 6am one day to swim and do yoga and a volcanoe in the distance
had smoke coming out of it.

I´m teaching Capoeira to the students at La cambalacha (www.lacambalacha.org
or was it dot com I can´t remember) and helping Kerry with her photo class.
The students are already great dancers and they have some experience with
acrobatics so they´ve caught on quick to Capoeira. They are all so kind and
loving. They´re already telling me that I can´t leave and it´s only been 1
week. Luckily a German girl just arrived and she does Capoeira also so she
will continue the classes when I leave.

Today was Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) so we went to the cementary
and it was packed. So many people were there having a picnic by their
ancestors grave. There was a band, lots of candles and lots of happiness. I
like this idea of honoring your ancestors by having a party in the
graveyard. Why should a graveyard always be a place of sadness?

My friends are in the dance studio drumming and singing so I´m off to join
them. I hope you all are well.

Much Luv,

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