Key West – The Dashers

We hit the Southern Most Point in the United States with a bang. Or at least a flick of the old wrist, with a fishing pole attached.

The Dasher Family, with long Southern ties invited us into their home on Stock Island- home of the pink gulf shrimp; old school weathered fisherman; mating horseshoe crabs (who’s blood is green due to its high copper content); warm, summery nights and Brilliant Sunsets.

Laurie, commandeered a fishing boat and scooped up Phil to go catch that nights dinner. They returned from the deep seas with yellow tail and king fish. Laurie added fresh Spring Asparagus, Rock Lobsters, Fish Fingers, Roasted Potatoes and plenty of melted butter.

To re-create Laurie’s fish chutney. Catch a fish, fresh that day. Skin and clean it at the docks and cut it into fillet’s. Layer it with thick spreads of a spicy pear chutney and roast it in the oven for 2-3 minutes on each side. Serve immediately with plenty of vegetable rich sides.

Laurie’s brother, Ted, made fried fish fingers for the kids (they were really delicious, as you can see from the kids’ left overs.) Ted, used a blend of his old Boy Scout troop recipe and tips handed down from his grandmother a bona fide Southern Woman.


Later we played Texas Hold’em over freshly made Key Lime Ice Cream and Coconut Sorbet with a bottle of champagne from a local coffee roaster shop which doubles as the island’s only quality wine shop.

A good time was had by all ; )
(especially because I walked away from the table a “winner”)

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