Oddo Family

6:15 p.m. – Metairie, Louisiana

Nothing can prepare you for disasters, destruction or demolishing forces of power. What can save you though, is the ability to see the glass as half full. And our New Orleans family pretty much invented, the Pollyanna Approach & Guide to Life. Despite Katrina’s wrath, our NOLA family cheerfully recounted that Katrina got them to finally getting around to the remodeling of their home they’d always been saying they were going to do.

Changes. To the House. They embraced them. And each other. They embraced each other and the gift of family, friends and giving. And for that, Phil and I say an Amen! An Alright! A Hallelujah! The kindness and generosity they bestowed on us – was mindblowingly refreshing.

They gave us a King Cake*, Several books – including a Katrina:Photo History book, A bottle of wine and they gave us comfortability. When Phil suddenly got hit with a stomach virus – they lovingly embraced both of us.

And for their actions and reactions we are thankful.

For dinner, New Orleans style – we give you Boiled Crawfish & Barbecued Shrimp.

Dear Uncle Kenny, Aunt Dawn, Uncle Mikey and Aunt Kim – a big Muah! Love, Phil & Melissa

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