Wanted: Dining Partners and Warm Family Lovin’

We are looking for you. Yes, you. The everyday, the beautiful, the earnest, the kitchen warriors, the warm families and the curious. We are looking for people to participate in a very special project which entails opening your doors to two strangers who will morph into two new friends.

Team Sip.Snap.Savor is embarking on a social experiment and real time capsule project. We will be road tripping across the United States dining with everyday people and capturing their stories, recipes, kitchens and meals.

This is for you IF-
you would like to be photographed, listened to and admired.
you would like to share a bit of your life over a home cooked meal.
you would like to be captured just as you are right now.
you are interested in dining with a magnetic photographer and a dynamic writer.

Upcoming dates open for participation:

January 16-26th 2008

Columbus, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia
New Orleans
Austin, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Yuma, Arizona
San Diego, California
Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California

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